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What got me into Engineering
"Life would be so much difficult without studying a job assuring course...!'", someone said to the immature me some years ago. That time I was studying B.Sc. Chemistry after my higher secondary education. Soon after school most of my friends went for coaching classes to get themselves into tier engineering colleges. That was my dream too. But the financial circumstances were not too favorable for my family. So I didn't go for that coaching classes. I got admission in an arts college in my locality. Again I heard about the engineering dream, about parents compelling their child to be an engineer. My parents never compelled me. And I, myself, got very much interested in engineering( Who wouldn't like a secured future!!).
So, all these factors and the above-quoted dialogue lead to sleepless nights and busy scheduled days of my life. The result, I got admitted in a government institution of engineering by just doing almost a 90 days hard work. The fact which really excited me was, I reached the same level of my friends-who willed to burn their one year of life for this dream.
As they say, in every person's life there is a turning point. In my life, the turning point was the decision to do engineering. And I am not going to say I studied 4 years of engineering.. rather I would say I studied life in about 4 years.

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