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Why we can't do what we think to do?
These days I am exploring oneself as well as observing other people related to a very big problem "What I think to do something to improve myself but why can't do?". Before going to introduce my observations related to it I want to visualize my condition in front of you I think the same condition has occurred in front of you too.
As being a slim person I want to gain some weight to look impressive for it I decided to start the workout or exercise. And really I started tremendously and as days passed my motivation towards the exercise to be fit is dropped into hell. That's not the single condition there are lots of conditions like book reading, project making, etc.
I talked to many co-operate persons, my colleagues, and teachers too. I just want to know the reason behind it and quantity which are suffering from the same excusitis and you are amazed to hear every second person had suffered or are suffering from the same problem.
I talked to them what are reasons behind it according to them and I got some common answers but I want to classify it into two categories:-
1. Reasons related to oneself
2. Reasons related to the surrounding

Reasons related to oneself are:-
* Internal Motivation
* Consistency
* Higher Expectation from oneself
* Laziness
* Lack of good planning
* Wanted a wrong Goal

Reasons related to the surrounding are:-
* Lack of Financial support
* Lack of Family support
* Environment
* Bad Friends, etc.
I am sure some of your reasons are given above if not let me know what is new in your reason. I don't know how much our thinking is same but I m sure you are not that kind of person who is blaming others for their unsuccess. So, here I m not focusing on the reasons which are blaming others.
If we go through the reasons related to oneself you can feel these reasons are somewhere interrelated. Let me show you how if you have the wrong goal then you have no internal motivation it results inconsistency in work and you will fail to do things you want.
Actually what I want to conclude is that If persons say nothing is impossible then why we are not capable of doing things which are possible. Reality is that we have no understanding about the mechanism of doing a task, we are not committing the work, we just think and start the task. We fail to tell oneself I have to do that work and it will help me. The matter is we start doing a task without a commitment to oneself. I experiment on oneself as well as some of my friends you are amazed to see the percentage increased in productivity in work is approximately 60%. Really I said oneself I have to exercise daily, have books(as per my interest) and wrote a sticky note and stick it on my wall. Literally, I m exercising daily not for fixed time but do.
That's why I love and understand the value of the quoted statement by Tony Robbins
"If I'm committed, there is always a way".
I hope that technique will help you in your personal life too but remember write what you want to do is a necessary thing because science says what we write after understanding has longer memory time.

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