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Shift Rosters
Shift Rosters is the graphically rich calendar App for Shift Workers. With fantastic 3D themed icons like Moons, Stars and Suns, or just plain Squares and Circles, adding and managing your shifts or rosters is a breeze. Add shifts via quotShift Managerquot in the Tools area and edit the names of each shift by tapping the name button, the times by tapping the time button, and the desired icon by tapping the icon. Then add/manage and update the calendar via the Edit button on the main monthly screen. Simply tap the shift icon followed by the days you want it showing. Then tap a different shift icon and add it to the desired days. List view shows the current week only. With options via in-App purchase, in List view Shift Rosters also allows you to add and view shifts being worked by all of your friends and work mates. Add as many people as you like, and with the touch of 1 button, flick between your main monthly view, and the List weekly view of your friends
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