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0 Comment | 5 Views | 09 Oct 18  | Bhavana Singh
Yes, education is a good problem to solve and in fact, highlighting issues of inadequate education and corruption, which is endemic within education is of utmost importance.
It’s a global issue, mostly related to the countries in transition and the developing parts of the world which endangers their development and survival in this competitive world. Corruption in education sector can be defined as “the systematic use of public office for private benefits, whose impact is substantial on the availability and quality of education”(Hallak and Poisson, 2002).
All across the globe, we can see the curriculum followed by educational institutions i.e. to only attract large number of students as much as possible rather than the curriculum which focus on the structure and need of the labor market. In addition, there are many fake universities, some of which advertise in the international press, circulate information by sending spam and rank high on the hit lists of search engines.
Let’s look at the literacy rate in India, according to the ASER(Annual Status of Education Report) 50.5% of class 5 students fail to perform a standard two subtraction. Another instance include Sub-Saharan African countries, in which enrollment in higher education has grown faster than financing capabilities, reaching a critical stage where the lack of resources has led to a severe decline in the quality of instruction and in the capacity to reorient focus and to innovate. In other words, in Africa's universities, quantity threatens quality.
And many more countries, but on what we are focusing here? Either it’s a bachelor or diploma degree, its importance have degraded because of the hyperproduction and insufficient knowledge and competence achieved through this system plus, these degrees can be bought at rather low prices via the internet, which entirely degrades the importance and sense of education.
Education is the basis of the development of a nation and the survival of the global economy, it is necessary that this negative tendency should be curbed as soon as possible. Nothing can ruin a country more than its poor and corrupt education system. Hence, this issue not only calls for a special attention of the scientific public, but largely touches the domain of international criminal law. We need to close the institutes that produce “intellectual cripples”. In 21st century, a knowledge based economy, we need an immediate attention to education because of it’s implications for poverty, unemployment and other problems which the worls we live in face today.
Finally, I would only add that creating a new model of education that would meet the criteria of encouraging individuality and creativity and focus upon students’ interests rather than those of faculties and other educational institutions is not possible to accomplish without solving the problem of corruption in education in the stride. The diploma has to mean status, knowledge and quality, rather than be an “unsecured paper” and a path to a world of the unemployed and poor.

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