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Education is a medium of procuring knowledge and to understand how to use it. According to Nelson Mandela, it is the most powerful weapon to change the world. If one goes by this thinking, then it is clear that to be able to use it to ones advantage, one must have some qualities or develop them if one doesnt already have. It creates a new awakening in the life of a person and servers to make a good human being. Education system in India is in a pathetic state. Right from the primary education to the higher education system, there are many flaws. Not having enough teachers, inability to impart correct and timely information, lack of mutual respect between students and teachers, hunger for power and results or marks, etc., are some of the common found in every tier of the education system present in India. The students studying in the educational institutes also, on an average, have no humility and other attributes that are essential for one to be a student. There are many drawbacks in or weakness of, inherent and created, all the entities involved in the education system process. Be it the teacher, students, parents, curriculum setters, examiners, or any other entity relevant to the system. The case is even worse in the higher education system. Worse also because of the reservation in education is being incorrectly implemented and is one of the main reasons of degradation of education quality. The role of private colleges, specially those mushrooming in every hook and corner of the country are the main reason of bad quality. No personal attention, no teaching qualities, no domain knowledge, no proper guidance and only easy going and just money-minded attitude of the faculties is the major trend to be seen in the colleges, specially the engineering ones. The incidents of committing suicide in premiere institutes also tell a failure of the education system to fail to create a better learning environment. There is a need for the students to rise up and advocate the changes in the current education system. There is a need for the revival of ethical and moral qualities among the students. The purpose of the education needs to stressed which is to train the mind to face the challenges of the life and to charges the duties with absolute devotion and honesty. The need for creating such a learning environment where every student uses his/her potential to the best and the learner and the learning are both free. The essence of ethical standards are very important for the students not only in their student but also in their personal life. Developing a Good teaching can aslo be useful if there are good students. And a good teacher was also once a good student or put it the other way only a good student can be a good teacher.

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