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1 Comment | 30 Views | 21 Aug 15  | Ritu Kashyap
its lyk travelling wid no itinerary, wid no chosen destination, wid no actual explained purpose, wid no intention of reaching smwhr..its wen u move away from the usual course. u go whr ur heart leads u, u choose the path where yo mind wanna get into d seeking unsual, u tk turns whenever u feel lyk. its wen u stay where u want to stay as long as u wish to, no sense of tym follows u. infact nothn actually tries to follow u cuz u r jus so strange wid ur every move n nothn n nobody follows one who39s unpredictable. u wander wen u so wanna get thru those things that wud otherwise go unnoticed..wen u wanna find things u urself hv no idea of. Umm.. and so much more. well dats wat u get wen u ask me meaning of smthn.. a Lecture 39D ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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