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Women's Day: Why need just  a day?
How do you define feminism A dainty creature who is competent of cooking at one time, working the other and cribbing half of the time for her rights Okay, letrsquos get this better. In cities, there are special provisions for women seats in city buses, women get a special quota when it comes train services. Forget this it is certain that you must have at least once felt the urge of telling a man to help you out when you fall down. Say from your vehicle itself. Trying to act all petite when we want something and when we donrsquot, we blame the typical male mentality and chauvinism for it. Why castigate them when it us who have actually created and embossed the image of being flimsy in their minds. I donrsquot see a point in shouting slogans related to how men and women are equal. Had we been, you wouldnrsquot have asked the guy ahead you to let you go first in a queue. All those admonishing that we lash fiercely claiming that men and women are equal. If thatrsquos the case, what is the point of availing exempts based on feminism As comprehended by most of us that includes both men and women, feminism is not something that is concerned with a set of protocols designed for women. Neither the feminists demand a special treatment for them. Why need a special treatment when we allege to be equal Feminism, on the contrary should be defined and asserted the other way round. To forget that you are a woman. To break all those chasms, those innumerable boundaries and rising above the fact that makes you feeble inside. Which also include giving away your Mahila seat in buses to an old man who is struggling midst the crowd in search of a seat. Yes, thatrsquos what you call feminism. So ladies, on this world womenrsquos day, instead of exhibiting how diminutive we are, how badly we need JUST a day to commemorate our importance. Letrsquos actually stand up for some definitive causes. Be a feminist who commands respect and virtue and not merely demand it out of sheer vulnerability and propensity.

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