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What's Youth4work and how it's helping the youth.
Youth4Work is a platform for all the professional and talented youth. It is one of it's-kind portal bridging the gap between the employers and the right talent. Youth4work focuses on 100% employment assessment, which makes it country's very own fastest growing and leading organisation. Youth4work has its own online platform which has proved to be very constructive or advantageous for the students as it helps them in preparing for courses such as basic computer knowledge course and many competitive exams. Apart from this, the intriguing talent test on the online portal gives self-idea to an individual in terms of his/her aptitude in specified subjects. Youth4work is an amazing place for job seekers as it just not enhances the individual's talent but also help him/her in getting the desired job. As a website, Youth4work provides means where you can check your strengths while learning new talents based on simple multiple choice question and answers at the same time . It is a perfect destination for those who are looking for a job since it features multiple prep tests through which you can prepare for specific competitive exams. Youth4work targets people with zero to four year work experience. With resumes and assessment of 300,000 job seekers across the globe, the platform claims to target more efficiently than Linkedin. CEO of youth4work - Rachit says, “We have investors interest today. Our market size has doubled in the last two years (from three million to six million). We have added more features and increased the transparency of our actions too.” It doesn't only provides job to the seekers but also help the students as well as the entire society to check where they stand whether related to education or talent. Youth 4 work is a good platform for students & Job seekers. It is definitely one of the most trusted websites where you can put your faith. Hence, Youth 4 Work is a company which act as an intermediate between companies, colleges and primarily Youth.

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