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How to write a Resume
A resume - sometimes called a curriculum vitae or CV - is a summary of your education, training, work experience and skills. A good resume demonstrates how your skills and abilities match up with the requirements of a job. How Long Should a Resume Be A resume isn39t an exhaustive list. If it39s too long it probably won39t get read. The best resumes are usually no longer than one or two pages. If you39ve just left high school - whether you finished or not - a one-page resume is perfectly reasonable. If you39re at uni, or you39ve finished uni, you39ve probably got enough experience to fill two pages. If you need to go over two pages that39s okay, but make sure everything you include is necessary to explain how good a fit you are for the job. The worst thing to do is to pad out your resume. There39s nothing wrong with a one-page resume, as long as it has all of the relevant information on it. More is not necessarily better.

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    • there is a difference between resume and curriculum vitae. resume is a brief description of your life experience, that starts with your intro, education, work history, your merits an awards, your skills and references its usually written in this manner. whereas curriculum vitae is a detailed expression of your life education in detail work experience in detail and everything a detailed expression. CV is usually 2-3 pages lo,( ref for this comment has been taken from l, balance.con

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