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English for the Global Student
Language is our primary source of communication. Different countries have different languages, and also many regional dialects, some spoken by millions and some by thousands. English was originally the language of Britain, but with the expansion of British Empire in the 19th Century, English as a language increased its reach beyond Europe and Britain, and is now either the Primary or Secondary language of most countries. This makes having a good knowledge and command over the language almost essential for the modern day student, as he has to make sure he is ready for the competition, and for the global platform.
English is useful for a variety of situations, whether it be travelling, writing a report, or just simply watching the latest Avengers movie. Even in our own country, with 122 Major Languages, and about 1599 other languages, English has often served as a connecting language.
In India, however, in recent times, due to the impact of movies like Gangs of Wasseypur, and nationalism inspired social media posts, it has become a trend in the students and young generation to consciously ignore the language, as local languages apparently make them sound roguish and cool. Don’t take this wrong, the mother tongue shall always be our first language and will get the most respect and importance. However, deriding English as a language, or mocking the people who speak it, isn’t what the mother tongue teaches. It is quite well to speak in Hindi, Bhojpuri, Maithili, Kannad, Tamil and many other languages while at home or in our social life, but when you have to go out of the country, when you have to enter the corporate world, when you have to attend meetings, or give an interview, these languages will not help you out. Not because they are somehow inferior or anything, but because the English language is the official language of our country, and a connecting language everywhere else. Speaking English, or writing it, doesn’t insult Hindi, or your local tongue in any way. However, speaking the same language in a crass and rough way is an insult to it.
English has somehow become synonymous with intelligence. This is very much not true. There is no correlation between the language and the measure of one’s intelligence. However, in order to put that intelligence to good use, and to explore boundaries beyond your city, your state, and your country, English is needed. No matter how beautiful the colors, and how lifelike the painting is, without light, it will always sit in the dark. Explore your local language, read books written in those language, watch movies, talk, sing- do what your heart wants, no one can and will stop you. All I ask is give English the respect it deserves, because you may be intelligent, smart, and witty, but to take yourself and the country we all love to the next stage of global exposure and economic development we will need English.

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