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Jr.programme manager,Mentor together,Chennai Full time placement from 27 Aug14 to still a. identify the potential mentee b. conduct various stage of personal test like Psychometric c.Monitoring and Evaluating d.Training and development e.Group event and activity f. home visit g.conduct event for mentor and mentees engagement and training h.couselling to the students like Emotional and guidelines Coordinator, Don Bosco Anbu Illam, park town,Chennai Full time placement from 4th Feb14 to April14 a. Child line project Central Board Project b. Rescue the child from the abuse Physical Psychology c. Providing counselling to abused children and runaway d. Work together with Child India Foundation and Child welfare committee e.Co Ordinating team Members f. Accounts maintaining in Weekly and Monthly Basis g. Preparing Duty Schedule and Monthly Plan h. Conducting Outreach Programme in Schools, Colleges, Slums and community Programme Facilitator, SEESHA,, Chennai Contract placement, 24th April 2013 to 15th January 2014 a. Child and Youth Development b. Find out the semi orphan child c. Screening and provide Monthly Scholarship and School kit d. Maintaining and updating the Benificiary Documents e. Provide Vocational Training to the young Men f. Provide Higher education support g. Discovering Disability person and Distribute Tri-Cycle and Motor Cycle h. Maintaining MIS and reporting on time Outreach Coordinator, Loyola College, Vettavalam, Thiruvannamalai District Full-time Placement, 1st Feb 2012 to 10th Jan 2013 1. Initiated outdoor leadership program implemented individualized student development plans 2. emphasizing outdoor activities and resulting in improved self-esteem, behavior, and academics 3. Met with youths family members to discuss behavioral goals and objectives 4. Co-led after-College program for low-income, at-risk youth developed and implemented 5. Counselling to the young students 6. Recreational and career-related programs including legal field shadowing program 7. Advocated for, administered Cultural and field trip activities 8. Trained junior co-leaders developed team-building and leadership activities 9. Conducting programs for inner city adolescents to help participants build 10. Self-esteem and self-reliance 11. Supervised evening study halls and Students Social Activities Branch Manager, HAND IN HAND India, Vallam, Villupuram District Full-time Placement, 21st May 2011 to 31st Jan 2012 1. To conduct self-help Group meetings and monitoring their activities for the purpose of better life of BPL people 2. To handle Managing information System MIS and Key Result Area KRA 3. Organize them for their better life in industrial sector 4. To help them in Industrial environment 5. Insist to the industry for the provision of housing and welfare facilities 6. Organize various free medical programs and camps for Village level 7. Plan for education scheme like free distribution of school bench, free coaching classes for failed students at school level for SSLC and HSC Students 8. Controlling and monitoring self help groups in village level 9. To help them for making estimate of capacity building, water supply and sanitation plan, women empower development plan 10. To organize seminars and workshop for young entrepreneur 11. To Organize essay Competitions and rally at School College level 12. To organize Eye Testing Camp, Blood donation Camp and free Distribution of Spectacles Program for BPL people

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