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What does work experience involve
Work experience is any paid or voluntary time that you spent in a workplace to get to know it better. There are many types of work experience, which can range from a one-off visit to a workplace, to cadetships that last months. Work experience also includes anything from mowing lawns, helping on the marae, babysitting, and working as a volunteer, to part-time work and on-the-job training. -----What are the benefits of doing work experience----- Work experience lets you see if you39d enjoy doing a job on a day-to-day basis Learning about a job or industry, and making contacts During work experience you can see first-hand what happens in a typical day on the job. Getting a realistic idea of the positive and negative parts of a job helps you make a more informed choice. Meeting people in the job means you can ask them questions, such as what they like best about their job, how they ended up in their line of work, and what qualifications they have. Meeting people in the job also helps you to start building a network of contacts in an industry you like, which can help you find a job later on. You can learn about related jobs in the same field, which could give you more ideas about what kind of career you might go into. Improving your job opportunities later on Job advertisements often ask for people with experience. Work experience can be the kind of experience an employer is looking for. It also proves you were motivated enough to find out about their industry. Doing work experience lets a potential employer see what kind of person you are - and you also get to find out about the employer. If the employer likes your attitude and you are a good fit for the company, there could be a potential job offer later on. Workplace training and apprenticeships offer you a way to earn money while also picking up skills and qualifications. Workplace training is offered in more industries, and is usually open to people of all ages. Modern Apprenticeships are only available in some industries and for people aged between 16 and 21, but offer more support to help you complete the training. What is workplace training Workplace training, also known as trade or industry training, involves learning and earning money while you work. Apprenticeships are one type of workplace training. You can do workplace training in a range of hands-on industries. Workplace and industry training contacts If you are interested in doing workplace training or a Modern Apprenticeship, an industry training organization ITO can help you work out what you need to do, and what qualifications you can get. Recognition of current competence The recognition of current competence RCC process involves recognising a personrsquos existing knowledge and skills and assessing them against nationally recognised unit standards.
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