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The world today runs on dialect reasoning irrespective of the importance which differs among individuals. Thinking, reasoning, creating and presenting all fall under the category of scholastic approach when we consider solving a problem or answering a question. Having historical knowledge, literary knowledge, etc. appears to be very amazing to many individuals who have not heard about it. But presenting such asset to others becomes more interesting for those who have valued it or rather respected it for years. There are many people around the globe, specially in India who are extremely learned in their field and for them its just another job to present their work. Youth4Work as everyone knows is an excellent start up for the Gen-Y who are itchy to do something new which may affect their lives and others in a positive way. Talking in terms of scholastic approach, Y4W provides a platform for the ignited minds. It is to be noticed that the projects published in Y4W attracts attention in a very scholastic manner to the interested members. Writing an article, publishing your resume, creating a website, marketing of company, etc. are some of the projects to be mentioned of Y4W. Quite expectantly, Y4W projects do require scholastic approach from the members.

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