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Monday, 7 pm The metro is fairly vacant than usual and there are only a few people standing. Irsquom travelling with a female friend in the General compartment. Irsquom used to standing in the metro but today was an extremely tiring day. So I tell her, ldquoAh My legs hurt. Letrsquos go to that side and sit on the floor.rdquo She tells me, ldquoArre Why should we sit on the floor when there are seats that are reserved especially for us These men are shrewd Look at that lsquoOh-Irsquom-so-coolrsquo dude with earphones onrdquo She points toward a young boy, probably in his late teens or early twenties wearing a navy blue sweat shirt with an ipod in his hand. He sees her pointing at him and the look on his face tells me he realizes what wersquore talking about. While Irsquom thinking maybe hersquoll stand on his own realizing his mistake now, he turns his gaze elsewhere to avoid us, and to avoid standing up for us. Shersquos right. Theyrsquore shrewd She continues, ldquoHersquos sitting on a ladies seat and I bet he knows that. But of course he would never offer it to you unless you ask for it. He wouldnrsquot bother to give up his comfort even if his conscience is reminding him that hersquos sitting on a ladies seat while a lady is standing in front of him. Such rights of women are mostly exploited by men, unless you raise your voice and ask for them.rdquo I listen to her silently and realize that shersquos absolutely right. Tuesday, 7 pm The situation is exactly same as the previous day. Irsquom travelling with another female friend today. She recently fractured her leg and today was her first day at college after the injury and the bed rest. I notice that a young man wearing a light yellow pullover is sitting on a seat reserved for ladies. Until yesterday, I would have never noticed it, but after hearing my friendrsquos argument, Irsquom thinking of asking him to get up so my friend could sit. I point towards the seat reserved for ladies, and say to my friend, ldquoHey, letrsquos go to that side and ask that man to give his seat to you. You need rest. Your leg is still recovering.rdquo She seems absolutely unconcerned and gives me a look. ldquoOh, you old-school Irsquom fine. I donrsquot need that seat. He needs it as much as I do. Look, this is exactly what gender discrimination is. I understand that the old and specially-abled need these seats more than he does, but why would a lady need it more than him Isnrsquot she strong enough to stand in the metro Isnrsquot she empowered enough to slap someone if he tries to touch her Canrsquot she stand through the jerks that come across Donrsquot you think this is condescending of womenrdquo Irsquom wondering if Irsquom supposed to respond to that, because I really have no idea what to say. Irsquom stunned. Or blank. Frankly, Irsquom debating in my mind on who is right out of the two of them. Thatrsquos when she starts off again, ldquoWe donrsquot need their support. When there is support, there is always some sort of sympathy. And we donrsquot want that. Not from such shrewd men All we need is to be treated as equals. But who will explain that to themrdquo She paused for a minute, and I find her looking in that seatrsquos direction. A young woman, of our age, asks the man to give her the seat that is meant for her. He stands up and flashes his lsquoIrsquom so proud of myselfrsquo smile to the others sitting in the compartment. But whorsquos looking at him Theyrsquore all checking her out. My friend continues, ldquoYou see That That is the very problem When women, some of them claiming to be feminists, do not understand that we donrsquot need sympathy nor support from the society, then how can we expect men to understand this and start treating us as equals when we ourselves donrsquot understand itrdquo I listen to her silently and realize that shersquos absolutely right too.

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