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Hi Every body It is easy to explain the contract negotiation process to7 years old Niece, because every day unknowingly she practices the same to meet the daily requirement but in unsystematic manner and not knowing the outcome of the same. Just explain her, I may ask the Question to her that what are the plans for Weekend. Once she explains about her best wish, if it is justified and can be given within permissible budget then Immediately I can promise to fulfill on Weakend but put Condition that all the home work should be completed on daily basis and TV watching not more that one/ teo hrs per day. Once she will ask why I am Putting such condition then I have to just explain what you demanded I am agree but you should also agree for my demand and it is deal. Now you have to decide what you want. Once the Process is complete then Easily I can convey what was the deal and In business what this deal is known as and Certainly she will easily understand the process of negotiation and next time she will apply the same practice with innovation and more tough demand in similar way as it happens in real business world. A.K.SAHA

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