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Greetings within last 27 years of Experience in the Industry, several colleague from cross functional had asked the same Question, but always asked them this Question has some meaning if want to improvise your responsibility then your department is most critical. if you want to just start discussions to show the hollow supremacy then all other department Except yours are very critical. But same question was asked by a very senior Management Officer then my reply was that if you want to stop the growth of Organization, downsizing the effectiveness and Profitability of Organization then you can initiate this debate, otherwise for senior Management these departments are like their child and for happy Family all child are critical and as a father you have create a auto support system with Reward for excellent contribution beyond normal assigned responsibility and thus atmosphere of PROACTIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM will start evolving for harmony among the family members. My experience as senior Professional in the Domain of Commercial activities such as supply Chain management, Sourcing, Procurement, buying etc has taught me that some wrong decision/ action taken by these department can be corrected by harmonious relationship among the team members who is taking care for Individual department activity but some major mistake taken by any department within commercial domain can be also corrected if Senior Management who is heading to Commercial domain but certainly there will be dent in the Profitability of Organization. Finally I believe instead of giving Importance to any one department in creating the environment of harmony. In past I had created several award/ Incentive system department wise so the ethics of improvement and giving better result should continue instead of non-productive argument of being important as compared to others. Regards, A.K.SAHA

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