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Dear Friends, Today I want to share some views and insights about a very serious scenario which our country is facing today. I wont say I am not part of it, the cruel reality is that we are living with this on day to day basis and are getting use to it which in fact is more pathetic than the issue itself. Yes, I am talking about quotSex Determinationquot which despite of declared as a crime by our Constitution being practiced on daily basis. FYI The law enforced for this terrible crime follows below Two laws that prohibit the sex selection of a fetus in India are the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 MTP, as amended in 2002, and the Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques Regulation and Prevention of Misuse Act, 1994 PNDT, as amended in 2002. The former Act prohibits abortion except only in certain qualified situations that is where the law will be molded as per the needs of the cunning taking the advantage of degree of freedom, while the latter prohibits the sex selection of a fetus with a view towards aborting it. Despite of enforcing above stated laws, the practice is still undergoing beneath the concerned authorities. I know the same is happening in almost every field of crime i.e., we have the laws for each crime but its still being practice either by grabbing the loop holes in the law or by going unnoticed by the concerned authorities. But my friends here the situation is unlike the others, here we are dealing with the human beings who is not born yet most of the cases, the human beings who are so innocent that they don39t even know whats going in world outside, the human beings who hardly started to breathe, the human beings free from expectations and desires. And in most of the cases in our country the one who sacrifice their lives are the girl child. Yes, the desire of having a boy by some parents provokes them to carry the Sex Determination Tests and if its not Boy they end up killing the unborn. Some people believe that to run their generation they must have a boy as their child and not a girl as she has to go one day to another home bymarrying someone. The other reason is that some people believe that only a boy can run their family and make it stable by earning which according to them a girl can39t do. I39ll not say the reason for this isilliteracy entirely because it has been seen in many cases that people involved in such pathetic crimes are educated people. Its not the lack of education, its about the change in mentality, the way of thinking that one has to focus upon. Despite of being highly educated some people can39t change their mentality unlike some less educated ones who can think quite above them. Other side of the coin is the pain that mothers bear facing such cruel peoples, saving her from them, sometime even she has to sacrifice her life saving her loving child who is not even born yet. A very few are lucky that they have their husband39s support but not everyone of them. For a mother her child above anybody in the world irrespective of the gender, and for saving them they can do whatever it takes. According to the statistics provided by UN from year 2001 to 2007, 6 Lakhs girlchildis being killed every year,which makes it to 1600 girls per day. I don39t have to tell you about the sex ratio in our country, you all know better than me that the gap is increasing day by day. I am not sharing this with you because I want to start some kind of revolution by gathering your attention no offence. All I want is that you should feel the heat inside you and make yourself a promise that quotI, in the future would not do anything like thatquot. I know I am no one who tell you to do that, but its just a request, rest is entirely your will. In the end, I just want to thanks everybody who sneak out some time from their busy schedules and took the pain to read this post. I am not a professional writer so please ignore if there is any mistake and for offensive language if any. Signing off- Avesh Arya For More Blog Please visit http//

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