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Hello friends, I am here to tell you my story about English Speaking. As we know that while we start anything we could make some mistake for which we may be praised or teased by our fellowmates. Same way, when I started speaking English from my inception in my college, I was teased by my friends for which I could speak English with a few guys who were not talking in English but not teasing me atleast. In this way two years passed. Then in final year, I got two friends and my friend-cum-employee in Oracle, who occasionally spoke to me in English. This is what inspired me in Speaking English. Right now, I have started responding in English whoever wants to talk to me which is forcing my opponents to continue in English. This way I am feeling proud of myself as I am called as English although I am not a proficient English speaker which I enjoy really. So friends, here, I just wanna say that you must do that which you feel important to you cause you know what you are doing and where you would be after 5 years.

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