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Different people have different opinions regarding the same word. As I get up every morning, after taking bath go to temple to pray. In short, the very first hour of the morning we beg God for many things. And its not only me but several many who does the same thing... In my 22 Years of life span, all I could visualize and analyze that life is nothing but a RACE, A Race where we all are running to get something and after getting it, we start again for another. The RACE is never ending. The Dialogue from the movie 3-Idiots is true and proved often. Since childhood one runs behind better education, Love, Career and with just one Desire i.e. to be happy at the end. But when is that end We never tend to realize that. From a kid of Class I to an old man in his 80s we are all surrounded by tensions and confusions. We never tend to realize our actual desires. The feeling of selfishness, jealousy greed has always been making us do things which are sometimes beyond expectation. A kid In class I is always concerned with his studies for he needs to be at the top position, A teen is college is concerned for a girl and desire to be with her, A professional is concerned at position higher than him, An old man is concerned with the ignorance from his kids. We are all in the midst of tensions and confusion created by no one but self made. The word called Humanity seems lost somewhere people are so busy hating others when they know that nothing can be gained from it. Even though we are humans we are gradually turning into animals or can say even worse than them.

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