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Consumers are smarter, better informed and more demanding than ever. Gone are the days when they were passive passengers with little choice other than to comply with the direction you set. Based on an extensive international survey, interviewing almost 30,000 consumers across 34 countries,revealed four global trends The new consumer does more research before making a purchase Rising brand loyalty across all markets Online consumers in emerging markets leading the way with digital purchase Consumers more wary of social media The ability to understand customers, spot changes in their behavior and adapt quickly to new consumer trends is fundamental to the success of any business. Today, however, organizations face a tougher challenge than ever when it comes to understanding consumers. The internet and, particularly, the rise of social media have empowered consumers more than ever before. Consumers today expect to be able to exert a more tangible influence on companies than before, moving beyond the role of purchaser and toward that of co-creator. Organizations that engage proactively and collaboratively with customers will be able to devise more effective product development strategies, as well as fostering feelings of ownership among consumers and, therefore, increasing their loyalty to the brand.

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