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It’s never too late to be stylish. If you think that as a man, you don’t have enough options to show your stylish self, think again. You are in a world where fashion trends are mushrooming at a high speed. Every second, a fashion designer comes up with something terrific to change the face of fashion. And if you still haven’t tried your hands in experimenting, this is your chance. And this doesn’t mean you let go off your unique style; it just means that you embrace trends in your own way and make them a part of your life. When talking about changes, what could be a better start to styling than changing your shoes. To make things easier, a great fashion marvel in the form of loafers might be a good start.

Why choose loafers over other types of footwear?
You might have a pair of boots to brave the winters, a pair of flip flops for a stroll at the beach, a pair of sports sandals for casual wear, a pair of sneakers for outings and a pair of formal shoes for work. But don’t you think all of the above would be a part of almost every man’s wardrobe? In a world, where the first step of being different starts from appearance, you need to have something that will make you stand out in the crowd. And loafers seem to fit the bill by striking the perfect balance between comfort and style. One of the most important reasons why you should choose a pair is that they are lace less. Yes, they save you the hassle of tying laces, and you can open and wear them easily whenever you like. Another reason why you need to have one, is that they are versatile, and can be worn to any occasion, be it formal or casual.

How to choose a pair?
In order to choose, you need to know the different types that are doing the rounds these days. They are Penny, Mocassin, Italian, Plain, Suede and Tuxedo loafers. Each of these are designed to suit specific occasions. SO here’s an overview of how you should wear each type and with what.

Penny and Plain – These loafers are best suited for dressy or casual events and are designed with a narrow profile for a smart look. So if you are looking to satiate your need for both formal and informal wear, grab one of these.

Mocassin – These come with a thick weave on the upper part of the footwear, and are usually designed to suit casual outings. So dress up in your casual best and add the perfect finishing touch with these.

Italian – Whether it is your office party or a client meeting, a pair of these come in handy in formal situations. Also, their leather construction is the cherry on the cake.

Suede – These are made from suede and are best matched with a tee and a pair of jeans for a timeless look.

Tuxedo – As the name suggests, these leather loafer shoes are best for formal occasions to give you a suave touch.

Buying online
Now you can buy loafers for men from the comfort of your home. From the above overview, grab a few pairs and you are good to go.

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