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SYSTEM i (iSeries, AS400)
Cursos Basicos
OE980 Introduction to IBM i for New Users
AS240 System Operator Workshop for i
OS010 System Management Using System i Navigator
OL450 DB2 UDB for System i Fundamentals
OL370 Accessing the DB2 UDB for iSeries Database Using SQL
OV280 Introduction to Backup Recovery & Media Services (BRMS) for i OL201 Control Language Programmming Workshop for System i
OD040 DB2 WebQuery Getting Started
AS060 RPG IV Programming Fundamentals Workshop for System i

Cursos Intermedios
OL500 IBM i Security Concepts and Implementation
S6050 iSeries Recovery and Availability Management
AS270 Advanced System Operator Workshop for System i
OL190 IBM i Administration and Control
S6318 Management Central on system i
OV520 Hardware Management Console (HMC) for System i
OL230 Operating System/400 Structure Tailoring and Basic Tuning
AS280 Backup Recovery & Media Services for i
OL620 DB2/400 Database Coding and Implementation Using DDS and CL Commands
OL380 Developing System i Applications using SQL
OD050 DB2 WebQuery for Advanced Users, Developers, and Administrators
MQ160 Websphere MQ System Administrator (iSeries)
AS070 RPG IV Programming Intermediate Workshop for IBM i

Cursos Avanzados
OL390 DB2 UDB for System i SQL Advanced Programming
CF13 DB2 SQL Workshop for Experienced Users
AS180 Enabling i5/OS Network Security
AS641 System i Performance Analysis Workshop
AS100 RPG IV Programming Advanced Workshop for IBM i

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