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No one can teach you to become a ENTREPRENEUR!
Can i call myself as a Entrepreneur?

The C-titles inside the company gives the major push to someone for actually becoming an Entrepreneur. Have you ever asked yourself that, Why should i be a Entrepreneur?

Build a valuable Product/Service to the general market.
Build myself an empire.
If your answer is:

2: Then you aren't a SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR and if your answer is

1: Pull down a pen and a paper and sketch those efforts that you have been making throughout that's required for a business in original market space.

I often hear to so many young ignited minds who come up with a beautiful set of ideas/innovations and say "I want to take this to the real market", who poorly fails to answer the basic of questions on "USP".

According to a Gallup survey, 72% of the people in the age group of 18-29 years want to start their own business rather than working for someone else of which only 0.31% people actually start their business. This means that only 310 people out of 100,000 start their own business which is way less than who wants to become an entrepreneur.
Though the course of being an entrepreneur looked to be easy after the Bubble-Burst happened in early 80's. Even then the field was reserved to extreme risk takers! The investors and government mutually laid down the schemes that would help starters, which made India a hub of startups later in 2000.

While Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai retained their position as the key startup hubs in India, 20 percent of the startups emerged from tier II and III cities, the report noted.
While Innovation is 1% of your total business, 9% goes to in depth literature survey and rest is ACTION. People often fall to misconception that, should have taken masters before starting on their own or take the dropouts as an example who established themselves into the market in their earlier age,

The only term to be defined as what an ENTREPRENEUR needs at the earliest. Most of the startups quits or takes an early exit or don't even settle, due to the founders inability in handling their patience. Founders who want to create a substantial market place, Remember: Business doesn't happen in one day or a month or a year. Growth happens only through properly channelizing the idea at first and adapting to the future techniques way before than anyone while growing.

Problem's lies within you!
Most of the startups totally forget their company's mission, once the revenue starts flowing in. The concentration diverts so as to, "How to break down their competitors market" and grow individuals inflow.

To LEARN - is a continuous process. Between the comparative analysis between the early stage in a startup and near established, People stop studying the market and go back once again when it's too late.

With a growth of 108 percent in the startup foundation, and 167 percent in the funding of entire Indian startup ecosystem (led by unicorns) amounted to $ 6.4 B in 2017. The average funding for B2B & B2C tech startups in 2017 saw an increase of five percent.


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