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Embedded Systems, Core Java, Circuit Analysis
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Hello ,
I am Ganesh Bhise form Electronic and telecommunication department form MITAOE, Pune.
I worked in different domain like Embedded System, IOT, AI, PCB designing and Circuit Designing.My interest in the filed of the electronic and telecommunication system is from the beginning. I was very amassed by the concept of how hardware and software interact with each other. It all started when i was in my diploma where. I also made project like UPS.
While i was in my second year i did my very own first project name "Optical Fibre Communication".It was building block of my career. In this project i transmitted voice data through light. Next i started working on Drone and Robotic Technology. I realised the potential of drone making. I also sold my Customised Drone to customer as per their requirement. Mean while i participated in NASA Project Competition in which i designed 10 cube transceiver for Satellite communication.
In the final year my Major project is Black Box For four wheeling automotive vehicle. This idea came from the black box used in the aeroplane. This type of system will be use full for insurance claim and police investigation purpose. This Idea was selected in national level Project competition organised by the KPIT sparkle 2018 and the project was in top 100 rank in India. I am working with the REDx MIT AOE club which works on Artificial intelligent and machine learning. The team working under me is developing traffic management solution using artificial intelligent. I get the depth awareness about different concept like power electronic ,embedded system.I desire grate expertise in the area of IOT, machine learning , artificial intelligent,automation .i also want provide technical solution to the problem associated with hardware and software which will be beneficial for the society.

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