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Home construction Tips
Constructing a home is a rather lengthy and tiresome process than one imagines it to be. However, having the knowledge of various steps involved in the construction of a home can clear some clouds. Read on to know the steps to constructing a home given by Girish Avhad :


The initial step in the construction is laying the foundation which is the groundwork structure that holds up a house. The proper construction of foundation is essential to prevent any future disaster that could tear your house. This stage involves excavation the ground, framing limber for different sections and pouring concrete into each section. The foundation can take one week to set, after which the form boards are removed, and then the stage of framing starts.


Framing is the underlying structure of the house just like a skeleton is of the human body. Framing is done to give the initial start to the construction of rooms, doorways, and windows by installing the lumber frames.

House Wrap

Your house can suffer from extreme damage due to certain climate risks such as moisture which causes the interiors of your house to become moldy and wet. House wrap is a protective barrier installed to prevent the development of mold and wood rut caused by climate changes.

Enclosing Your Home

The next step is consisted of enclosing the home by installing exterior shielding, shingles, roofing system, doors and windows.

Mechanical Installation

Mechanical installation is a crucial stage in the construction of a house as at this stage, all the work regarding mechanical components and wiring is done. Venting, ductwork, and HAVC system is also installed in this stage.


After mechanical installation, the next stage is consisted of placing drywall also known as plasterboard. Drywall is used to make interiors walls and ceilings and it is the prevalent alternative to traditional plaster technique which takes longer time to get dry.

Interior Design

This is the most creative and exciting stage of house construction. Interior designing of house consists of designing and selecting products that go into various rooms and kitchen such as flooring, cabinets, countertops, lighting fixtures etc.

Girish Avhad is a Pune based real estate agent and self-made entrepreneur who has used his management skills in creating his business to become one of the most outstanding Indian businessmen.

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