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How to Decorate Your Home
A new home is your craft book you can transform it into a perfect masterpiece using your imagination and creativity. And Girish Avhad Pune helps you do just that.
The basic thing would be to paint your walls of course not if you are living in a rented accommodation. Color the room either according to the purpose or according to your personality.

If you are more bubbly and funny you can go for bright and happy colors like golden or pink . The best part is, it will not be permanent so feel free to be your self and be innovative.

What one can try is a contrast of colours like three walls a lighter shade may be yellow and the fourth one red. One wall of totally different color or accent is a great idea. A wall can be a mirror to your own self, your own personality.

Trying new furniture could twist the look of your home too. Mix and match sets like four sofas of different colors or a dining table with all chairs of different pattern can become a trend setter.

One important aspect of every home is storage. We all struggle inside the store room, under the beds etc. Books and shoes are some of the items that often need to be stored safe and secure. Good news is very stylish and chic furniture is available for storing daily needs items.

Revamp your house interiors by coloring old furniture if you can’t buy new one at the moment.

Changing flooring in accordance with the furniture is also a great idea. Move your furniture to new places just to see how they look there and then compare.

Artworks really brighten up the space. Using good artwork can fulfill your dream of a perfect make over.

A trip down the memory lane is always welcome and refreshing. So hang those memories all around to liven up the room.

Floating shelves are really in these days they are practical and useful they can be used to keep almost everything from books, vases, photos etc. The collection at Girish Navnath Avhad is just precise for every body’s taste and style.

Lighting your home accordingly is very crucial a bright room reflects positivity. You can try combination of lights that goes with your wall colour and rugs.

Girish Avhad has just what you think you’d need to turn the look of your house around.

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