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How Youth4work helped me in enriching my talent ans skills
Every person in the world do have some talent and skill in him but the main problem is to identify that they possess that skill and they need to work hard to master that skill in-order to become successful in your life and many people will fail to recognize at which they are best and they take wrong steps which leads his success not up to the mark that he deserves so everyone should know their skills and be successful in life by choosing your career path better.

My Skills/talents which I possess, (a few are mentioned here) like programming, problem solving, MS Word, PowerPoint, Database management system, HTML, Time management, creative thinking, communicating, Decision making, and Youth4work also helped me in enriching my talent and skills by different means which I follow or do with the help of this site. Initially I am aware of that these are the skills and talents which I possess but I want something which would remind me that I am good at these skills and talents as that I would give me courage and help me to carry out all works I do in a positive mood and for self-motivation. So here in Youth4work I have found such kind which would help me in enriching my skills and talent are Talent test, My report, etc…

Talent Test: This is the area where I was delighted to see because this section will consist of all the talent test covering a wide variety of areas such as common sense, aptitude, Time management, leadership qualities. Here you will be accessed by answering some question which will provide you score based on your answers, with those scores I built a confidence in me which will take me in a positive mood and improve them and this will also be a proof to which extend I possess these them for all my skills in my resume.

My Report: This is another area which I found that it will be helpful in enriching my skills this is the report of our overall preparation that we undergone in this website which will provide you the detailed information regarding each and everything as your time management in examinations, logical reasoning ability and problem solving such that which will give you a glance and help you in enriching your skills and gain confidence.
Psychometric Test: This Is the best test where I haven’t seen ever before which will analyze you and read your brain by posing you questions and make a apt prediction of your behavior and what kind of person you are which will help you in developing your personal profiling on various things in life.

With the help of these different things the employers are also interested in providing internships based on our skills and its credibility that which are required by companies hence we can work for them as we posses the skills they required and we are also ready to show our skills when we get opportunity which leads to good results and helps us to master those skills and make them as our natural skills.
As a part of Intern(STP) at youth4work, I was very happy that I can showcase all my skills and improve them and also, I have inculcated many new other things that were not my skills before such as writing skills, marketing, but with this programme I made them as my skills which is the best part of my internship with Youth4work and made me so happy and satisfied. It helped me to identify, improve and showcase my talents.

So, I would like to thank Youth4work for providing me this platform to show my skills and helping me to enrich my skills and to learn many other skills which are very important, Thank you Youth4work.

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