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ldquoI have to work all the day and night, all the timehellipI have to work like a machinerdquo she replied trembling in painhelliphellip ldquoMy wife doesnrsquot work. I donrsquot allow her to work. She is at homerdquo a manrsquos answer to the question ldquowhat does your wife dordquothis is what 39women in Indian society39 says.....are those two conspicuous vibrations that shake every class, creed and region, pointing at the complex nature of womenrsquos work. They call my work as unproductive, am I there just to cook, clean, care for children ,to bring woods , to bring water from wells, am I just a tool to work for men and feed their lust. I came from tribal to urban to sell vegetables, I work in construction sites, my blood cries when I cut stones, when I work as a labor. I roll bidis, rotis, papads , I put my nimble fingers under the sewing machine so that this world can put on some clothes, but I have to beg for some clothes when I am exploited, harassed and raped. I am threatened, molested and if I resist, they would kill me. When I work for hours beside chulas, my back aches, my eyes strain, I cough, I cry but no one comes to lend me a hand. They work in collusion to kill me in my motherrsquos womb, this world runs, breaths because of me then why do they kill me before I am born. I know I work as a typist, as a clerk, nurse, a teacher but I am also the one who has been fettered to an area in Rajasthan where they got me married when I was just 2 years old, they ask for dowry, they abhor my being a literate, I donrsquot know what law is, what engineering is. All I know is that they beat me when drunk, they sell me to get some money, they exploit me but still ,I dedicate my life as a Penelope, as a mother, as a daughter, I live in modesty. They pass the bill in their parliament to empower me, they promise to do everything to educate me when they beg to me for votes, they promised me security but still I am abducted. They have employed people called police to make me feel safe but I was shattered when I opened my eyes I found my self in police station, just few clothes on me. I work as child labor they treat me like a slave. They blame me for not giving birth to a boy, God if I can produce a girl, I can produce a boy too, but they kill her when I give birth to a girl. I just scream, writhe in pain, and cry for justicehelliphellip..i am in miseryhellip I am Eve. if i were Eve, i would have let every single creature existing remind the sanctity that a girl, who is treated as quotDeviquot, carry around her. i would let the aura and pious heart spread that our ancestors carried around them and make this earth a viable place for every single woman. i would disseminate the holy work Margaret Cousins, Mother Teresa, Annie Besant and innumerable, did to transmute this mortal world of dearth into a place where we all can breath the air of freedom, respect and aashirwaad of almighty up there. i would say-it takes millions of toiling years to get this soul and incarnate as a human, don39t let it pass away like the flow of a river,but be steady and look if you can mould the evil sideways...and continue flowing.

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