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0 Comment | 10 Views | 11 Jun 18  | Gulshan Parmar
...and again it's all about feelings, an unbelievable rush of excitement, the power that takes control of your senses striving for perfection. The thump and vibrations running down your spine as if you knew you are invincible. The fear form of energy transforming itself into aggressive rush that involuntarily twists your wrist and you move back a little but actually you go forward. We cannot achieve perfection because everytime we reach, we change it's definition and there would come a time when you might achieve it but just make sure it's not death because that will make a difference as the world knows perfection is an unremitting process. A difference I want to make at every corner of track and life where very life is on the edge and once through, you belong to a very rare category of people; dreamers, lunatics, maniacs, people who take the power back, take control, take responsiblity with increasing intensity of every rev that sounds in form of music of engine.

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