Pune, India
SQL Server, Core Java, Android
I'm an optimistic person with so much of diligent.
My hobby is Painting coz One of the best thing that someone can learn from painting is patience. It takes time to build model or get in the shape , sometime its irritate you but when you paint with patience, the end work never disappoints you.
Adding to this, i have spend 4 years in b.e and also last 6 months in cdac acts for developing my skills and knowledege where i have done certain projects.
Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing
2016-2017 | score 65%

Bachelor of Engineering or Technology
Radharaman Institute of Technology and Science, Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya
2012-2016 | score 72%
Completed a course on C/C++ from reputed trainer – Mr. Sharma(Bhopal) , Completed a course on Core java from Vedisoft Institute (Bhopal) , Attended C++ workshop organized by IIT Mumbai
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Profile Snapshot
Palak Gupta is talented in SQL Server, Core Java, Android and other talents. Palak is based out of Pune & has studied Mobile and Pervasive Computing, PGDAC-Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing from Year 2016-2017 in CDAC-Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, PUNE UNIVERSITY.
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