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Actually, there are three Qs on the basis of what ones personality can be judged:

Physical Quotient
Emotional Quotient
Spiritual Quotient
Physical Quotient: It defines whether you are physically not only strong but also immune enough that you can sustain at different places and environment.
Emotional Quotient: It defines how you deal with your mental fatigue, emotions, when you have to stay away from family and friends, if you get frustrated or depressed too easily and quiet often then your emotional quotient is very less.
Spiritual quotient: This is the one which is our prime focus at this juncture. Nobody talks to us about what is spiritual quotient. Rather, whenever spirituality comes people say, “Oh man, we will practice spirituality after 50.” “It is for old people!!!” And what not.”
Those who say so are actually dumbos. Because, How often do we hear from old people that, “My mind is not stable.”, “All the time it is thinking of the same boy/girl’s update or message on social media like facebook, whatsapp, hike, insta, etc”, “I am not able to concentrate and focus in my studies.”?

NO!!! We do not get to hear such things from old people. This is the problem with the youth and it’s high time now that we should understand the importance of spirituality in youths.

So, to deal with any such problems like lack of concentration while studying and flickering of mind or mind not being stable one should practice spirituality.

Every morning for minimum 15–30 minutes one should meditate and chant the name of the Lord and make sure to stay as much away as possible from cell phone half n hour before you go to sleep, because before you go to sleep you need a silent mind and if you will check social media at that time then all those stuff will keep on coming in your mind through out the night and the next day your mind will be thinking about that only. So, it’s a BIG NO NO to use of cell phones half n hour before going to sleep and for few hours after waking up in the morning.

Hope the information was helpful.

Thank You!!!

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