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Light On The Horizon
Sitting under the shades of heaven,
I gaze at the glazing stars.
The shimmering moonlight mirrored in my eyes for hours,
Reflected in me bleak thoughts in scores,
The one that I had never encountered before.

Yes, I was strong
But I realized something that proved me wrong.
I was always the one to win over a strife.
But now I sit here like a funk scared for my life.

By the fear of death, is now my mind shadowed.
My radiance of hope is slowly gonna be faded.
I could hear the symphony of my silver tears,
Which dampen my cheeks with jet of fear.

As time flew, my hope gave way,
Oh, I know, the clock even ticks the life away.
I want this storm to be pacified,
I need assistance for this riddle to be clarified.

My heart is bruised by these thoughts so deterrent,
I wanna set myself free, from this intimidating enchantment.
So, I wait here for the light on the horizon,
To see what is it a harbinger of in my life's Caspian,
A stellar of bliss or horrifying Stygian.

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