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Top 10 Paying Jobs for Ambitious Youth
Do you know a young boy or girl who are ambitious and want to start making money This is a rarity these days, but there are some youth who want to work for a living and actually enjoy doing something rather than quothanging outquot at the mall or getting into trouble. We have a list of some great job opportunities for any young man or woman who wants to work and make some money. Top 10 Paying Jobs for Youth Here39s a list of ten specific jobs for ambitious youth that will keep them Landscaper - Why stop at being someone who just mows the lawn That sounds boring Ambitious children are going to start their own landscaping company or work for one of the big ones. Tutor - If your child is more of a brainiac, there39s a good chance they can make good money by tutoring other children. It39s probably a better idea if they only tutor children who are younger than them, although this isn39t absolutely necessary. Bellboy - For youth who are thinking about an eventual career in hospitality or those who like to work for tips, the position of a Bellboy is a good one. Food Job - Working at the local fast food restaurant isn39t the only way to get a job in the food industry. While the better paying jobs are going to require experience, ambitious youth are going to be able to get the best food jobs around. Usher at Movies - This can actually be a fun job. While you don39t get to sit around and watch movies while you39re at work, it can actually be pretty cool to work at a movie theater. Sell Art - Children that are really ambitious - and artistic - might go to a website like and sell their art for profit. Baby Sitter - A teen is going to need some skills and be good with children, but this can be a fulfilling and rewarding job for kids. Housekeeping - And for youth who don39t like the outdoors, there39s always housekeeping - as long as they can keep their own room clean. Lifeguard - This is only available during warm months, of course, but it can be a lot of fun. They39re going to need training most likely, but this will help them get jobs later in life. Writer - Not every child is going to be able to write for money, but ambitious ones will be able to make some money writing. As you can see, whether it39s a hotel job or something like a landscaper or tutor, youth of today have a lot more opportunities than previous generations - at least the ones that have some ambition. If you39re an adult, you might be able to help them by motivating them to want to do more with their lives than sitting around playing video games or goofing off. Leave us a comment if you have any other tips for youth seeking jobs. Jenny Corteza once stayed in a Hotel Tel Aviv and had a lot of fun. She hopes to repeat the experience someday, so she39s been saving her money carefully so that she can afford to go back and see more of the surprisingly modern city in the Middle East.

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