Bhubaneswar, India
Auditing, Accounting, Tally
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  • Thoughts carved into words can define the real person. Experiences told in stories can tell the stark truth of where has the person been what has he seen and where can he be going.

    Soon you will be able to know the real Jayadev Rath too, whether its Jayadev's experiences, learnings and achievements while studying in UU-Utkal University or what drives Jayadev's passion for talents Auditing,Accounting,Tally,Record Keeping.

    Probably Jayadev Rath will share the secrets of studying B.Com-Bachelor of Commerce, Accountancy in the batch of 2010-2013 or the fun he had with batch mates in college or activities Jayadev did in the college at Bhubaneswar.

    Companies will be able to know Jayadev's professionally and get in touch by directly commenting on the blog, Youth who have blogged get job offers from companies all the time.

    You will soon get to know Jayadev's professionally. If you are Jayadev Rath, add your first Blog here.

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  • Jayadev Rath
  • Jayadev's talents in the field of Auditing,Accounting,Tally,Record Keeping and many other will soon be seen by the work portfolio shared here. Jayadev can share files, the best presentation made or the work experience certificates Jayadev got. A picture or probably the actual design made says the work talent of Jayadev in more than words. Probably the next video added here can tell you about Jayadev's creative and professional side.

    Companies will be able to search talent & see the work freely and comment on the portfolio , A great portfolio generally lands up great job offers from companies. If you are Jayadev Rath, start and add your portfolio now

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