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what if ! you suddenly killed by an accident...
really a pathetic question :)
well, i heard from many people that love is complicated ..i will not hesitate to convert life instead of love..sometimes, in life we waste our time on irrelevant things like a teenage love ,a fantasy , or a blind vision or an improper knowledge about something ... i personally realized that the main motive of life to feel happiness around you ..inner peace is the most important thing now a days...does it sound good ? perhaps ! In today's era ,there are lots of factor to make you restless and you start to spend lots of time by memorizing the past again and again or you always feel restless about your future...naturally it leads to a blind vision of life...well, i wont let it finish in a half way ...PEACE a great word ...peace is something (you are OK in every situation ) and it automatically comes if you follow your duties wisely ..a self discipline makes you more always fulfill your inner soul that yes you did far i am talking about to perform what is important in your life never too late to start your life again ,but its good if you start as early as possible ..a life ..only one time chance to enjoy it ..well Do not distract (enjoy) ...enjoyment must not be like this that you had to regret later ...enjoyment is something you feel yourself is all about to know its real worth brief, achieving your goals ,happiness about the the little things that you have and others haven't..i want to be clear here because it is worth to know..if you are blessed with a proper human body automatically blessed..
More precisely, concentrate what makes you satisfied in a long run
your duties,your career,your job,your family ...failures never define who you are but it never leave you alone stop procrastination and live life like you did your best in every situation..
it is most important what we are going to give this world ....we enjoy many things in our life even we don't realize ..have you ever wonder how easily we can check weather forecasting,how easily we can get a news from all over the world ...let be more precisely easily you use water,fan,ac,TV,music, electricity ....this is why many people gave something to this world your father giving you enough protection what if he doesn't earn,what if your mom stop caring...these are very little things but if we open our mind it's more than anything .....therefore, start to think this way what you are going to give this world ...well life and its questions A GREAT PARADOX so let it be more clear ...just follow your duties ...start to grasp inner peace ...
hopefully, its going to be useful for others ....
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