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Why I write only about nature and love
Whatever I write, I write only about nature and love. Right from my teens, I loved to write poems or stories or articles about nature and love only. I remember, when I was at home after graduation, I got an opportunity to attend an interview at All India Radio, Trichy. The person who interviewed me asked me why I chose to write only about love and nature, when there are so many other topics to write. During 80’s, ‘Save the planet’ is a familiar slogan heard everywhere. Saving water for the future was considered as the most important topic of concern. Even after that interview, I struggled hard to focus on other topics and write about them.
When I joined as a teacher in a school, I hunted for topics that have relevance to the problems in the society. Even if I tend to write about problems in the society, I could not avoid mentioning love and nature. I linked all the problems of the society with the aspects of love and nature. This made others to lift their brows and I always got a comment that I am thinking out of the way which could not be achieved. I remember, one of my colleagues who wrote poems focusing on the problems that existed in the society and whenever she read those poems in a gathering, she received much applause from the listening audience. I tried hard to rope in something related to society in my poems, but, I could not do so.
Now everywhere, so much is talked about depletion of ozone and the global warming. Even little kids at school are aware of this problem and they wish their elders leave a better place for them to live. What I have thought to be most important four decades ago has gained so much importance now. To have a peaceful life in this earth, both nature and love is much necessary. Every day we read about the natural disasters in many parts of the world, along with terrorism and violence. People must learn to love their neighbors. That is the most important thing of this hour. Every one in this world must realize that every one has the right to live in this world. Once you are born in this world as a human being or a bird or an animal, it becomes every one’s birth right to live in this world, to enjoying the richness of nature and love.

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