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Women’s Day – A Youth Perspective
Why dedicate a special day for women Have Women become so scantily significant that their contributions need to be recognized and celebrated on one day Yes, most definitely, yes.. but everyday Today we celebrate the milestones that have been achieved on the road to women inequality and gender discrimination and empower women by giving them the right opportunities to grow. With time, there is an attitudinal shift in how society looks at women and there is no doubt that it has realised the importance of women. Although there is growth in the number of women entering the workforce in India, but it is mere 24. At the same time, there are a number of challenges that women have to face while climbing up the corporate ladder. Most women do not get a chance to explore their potential and because they do not get the opportunities they deserve around 48 women drop out of the workforce before they reach the middle of their career. I personally feel that most of us are still in our exploration stage and indecisive about our career choices. Is there anything that can be done about this Can someone guiding women to find and assess their hidden talent which will help them find the kind of job they deserve. If crores of young women are jobless then Indiarsquos dream of becoming a superpower will never turn into reality. Recently I explored a very innovative platform that provided me a complete solution to all problems related to my college studies and job. I was able to assess my talent, improve my profile and find jobs as per my interest. Youth4work provided me a clear idea I have secured an internship with Youth4work based in Delhi and enjoying every bit of it. From the very first day I have been involved in all the processes of the organization and there is a lot that I learn everyday. This is a very small step towards my career goal and I see it as a great opportunity not just for me, but for everyone out there who wants to dream big and achieve bigger. Youth4work is a platform all about onersquos assessment of perceived talents and showcasing them to employers, peers, alma mater and anyone Even a small step forward is a big celebration here in the office. There is a lot of encouragement from peers. I have all the freedom to explore my potential and work in my areas of interest. This is what Youth4work is and this is what it wants others to find for themselves, the right opportunity for onersquos talent. I am sure that platform like Youth4work can play a very significant role in bringing the right opportunities for the youth of India, particularly women. By 2020, India is set to become the worldrsquos youngest country with 64 per cent of its population in the working age, so the changing demographics will bring a lot of scope for fresh ideas that Youth4work has. Today, I am proud of the progress that we have made, but we also need to keep in mind the road that lies ahead to achieve the goal of women39s equality and empowerment and corporate laddership. Kirti..

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