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Voting is a right of all the citizens. But sometimes it becomes very difficult for the people who are on a move or out of the state or country to cast their vote. Their votes simply go wasted or Proxy. At the same time they lose their valuable right of voting. With electronic media replacing the manual ballet. Hence we thought of developing a website which will be a solution to this problem. The election commissioner will maintain or administrate this web. For all the places that are undergoing voting, a database of the voters and candidates will be maintained. Once a person cast his/her vote, with proper authentication the re-voting will be prohibited. Once the voting is over, all the counting will be done online and result will be displayed. This method of web voting can enhance the security and no proxy voting can be done. Even with the Electronic voting machine, the booth capturing and forced voting persists, but with Web voting tools such things are removed. Our website is for corporation level elections. In corporation election, Each municipal corporation has many wards, Each ward is headed by a corporator. The corporator is elected by the citizens of the city. The elections are generally held once in 5 years. The project is just a prototype of what the next generation voting solution may look like. Many features couldn't have been implemented due to shortage in testing-time. Hence we would like to conclude with a wish that many future Developers take up the work initiated by us and gift the nation with a real - time Online Voting solution. The project also provides neutral platform for testing with following parameters. less
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