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0 Comment | 4 Views | 29 Jan 19  | Mibeesh Babu
"I don't follow anyone. I walk my own path "

A touching line, anyway it's not necessary for others to feel what exactly I meant by such enlightening revelations because reality work different for different people. I am used to such feelings, taking such line's real unique essence
as it is and can relate it to my newfound emotions of myown.Then my thoughts bloom like anything even to my wildest dreams. Age old solitude impulses then roll on leaving me so broken, but I'm content with it, what I really am having, no regrets.

I will then be dreaming, being one with its myrid colours. Life is a silent dream for me where I find my mysterious foul plays that I had been hid behind my known sinful soul. Eventually it instills evil pleasures that no one can even offer. Its a delicate path, exactly like the one we see in fairy tales.

I walk my own and I only need some memories

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