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Hager is the protagonists there, that's in Sarah's novel ( Gift in Green). But an excerpt was given there that highlighting Hager and her dilemmas and the preciousness of first drop of water.

As an acclaimed Indian writer Sara Joseph has already found her prominent place in Indian literature. She is a feminist from Kerala and her organization 'Manushi' is on its race to win the the thoughts of women.

Getting back to the story, Hager is presented as the mother of a race which could be Muslim community, as the history says along with some religious records. Anyway here we can relate the story to the Holy Bible in which Abraham's unkind doing of forsaking of his wife and their son in the terrible wilderness of a desert. Sara was his wife actually but on account of her barreness she instructs Abraham to marry their maid Hager. As the time passed Sara got pregnant in her old age and there began this terrible deeds' source of reason.

That's the background anyway, here we see Hager and her child Ishmael, standing in the midst of that terrible desert. Sandstorm and gale tear them apart but her determination to overcome Abraham's God willed terrible events won there finally with all bizzare turn and twists.
Abraham said it's the will of God, so he had to answer him despite having shown any kindness towards her. Her heart broke out of the blazing sun's unkindness and it went terribly frozen in the chillness of every night. Hager, by being in the midst of that pittiles adversities, took utmost care and love for her child.

Ishmael began to cry out of thirst, her breast went dry so far and her childs' deplorable state tormented her like anything. That scary wilderness never seemed peaceful as hunger and thirst started hunting down her. Miraculously a bird comes from nowhere, leads her to a stream and she became grateful for her God for the first drop of water. Hager Humbles herself before the kindness of God Almighty.
She then became the protector of the stream, many people began to settle there and in the long run it becomes a civilization

What did you get from this story actually?, reading between the lines, we can see how patriarchy contempt women and teache the womenfolk that she must realise God in her mans' doings. And by doing that they will be getting heaven? see that climax anyway? she is well settled now, yeah that's they all want. Here goes all the stories.

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