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0 Comment | 7 Views | 11 Aug 19  | Mibeesh Babu
Last year, this time we were having a hard time with flood in Kerala and other zillion versions of rain rampage. Looking back at its inexplicable intensity I can recall the chilling memories especially at the college campus. Apparently it does it in every rainy season as a painful commemoration and brings back those painful memories. My memories of light year then go hand in hand with some personal delusions, recalling the mysterious crucial time with a few unforgettable incidents, more often it comes to mind uninvited and does it's destruction in a classy way.
This time tomorrow we are at the risk of having the similar tragic incidents what's more it has already been claimed hundreds of innocent lives so far here.
It's a pathetic situation for the homeless, for the poor the double deprived ones, the rich and at the same time a money spinning time for some crooks. They may huddle crores in this name by trampling the needy, the crooked ones who may well deserve the tag "bunch of shameless people". It's all about a Journalist's stuff who knows nothing but some monkeys' business for his allies. Let it be anyway, because we have to face everything and it's time. The real calamity lies in the crooked intermediates of this helping mission. The real jackals in white clothing, not everyone but some section. Last year's rehabilitation of the homeless is on halfway and it goes in a snails pace and I'm wondering there too.

This year has yet another season for the crooks to take over the situations and the tragic life of the poor still remains the same and in the year that come may their life never turn this much tragic caused by those intermediaries as they have just done by now. It's an eye opener for all, I mean the catastrophe, for all.

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