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Emotional Intelligence
What does it mean to have Emotional Intelligence? How can we attain it and what are the prerequisites to master it? Or is it already there, deep within our mysterious conscious that comes at times?
Taking up a little time to ponder over the crucial topic of Emotional Intelligence we should have an analysis of our own emotional dilemmas of the past records and how did we overcome those and the like. Emotional Intelligence means how do we deal with our strong emotional excitements all the way that which make us more mentally healthier than ever. At first, obviously we do have innumerable feelings regarding our mind's exposition towards the things those matter in our life. Mind is a calm rather a quiet lake and it's responds only when some external matter falls into its extreme delicacy. There forms the waves of response then and it's intensity depends on what degree the external forces hit on its fluffy walls.

Some questions are there those deserve honest replays. Do we taught to handle our emotions from the beginning in a right way? However at present if we are finding it real hard to cope up with our emotional dilemmas, we can say we were not taught well to deal with them especially in the proper way it supposed to be done. So there comes the importance of Emotional Education in our life's curriculum and we should pursue it to lead a healthier life.

We need to master our emotions for its own sake since emotions are deadly in all means. It withers in the vacuum of real caring, lack of empathetic concerns, flexibility, ignorance and so on. What happens actually is that it explodes with all the rest of the accumulated layers of bad management feedbacks, finally ends in tragic notes. Looking back, we can see the things that we have had done, and the matters that we have had experienced and all those instances had imprinted some secret codes on our lucid conscious those are not even known to us explicitly. So the rest springs from those secrets' controversy which even ignore our present self, and there goes spontaneous verdicts.

So go to the roots to see the reasons. Acknowledge your emotions, and find real healing herbs lest we will suffer. Teach our children how to manage our emotions in a healthy way and let them spread its gospel right. Have empathy all through our life so that we can be sane.
Whenever I get madly emotional, to be frank, these sane notes won't help at first but for some unknown reasons moreover to relieve, to calm myself I often blame things to my past irrational deeds that I had been gone through. I will then see the critical remarks, taking good from the things, doing all my self interested matters to find my real self in its tangled dilemmas moreover to escape my emotions and find new springs. Then I get it right, I get it damn right, healing my thoughts those were illfated. Try it and find all possible ways to heal the wounds of the past. If not it may give pains in zillions and it's irrevocable if not managed sensibly.

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