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0 Comment | 21 Views | 04 May 16  | Mithra Ramkumar
When the CBSE board exams were finally over, I took a deep breath to mentally comprehend the fact that the ‘school phase’ in my life is over for once and for all. When my friends asked me about my “party plans”, I didn’t have an answer. I just had one thought in my head- How does it feel to achieve your ultimate dream after all this education? I am not an active feminist but when I am pulled down just because I am a girl, my rage becomes uncontrollable.

Living in one of the conservative societies is not a simple task. It is mandatory that a girl multitasks! You have to excel in studies and you should also take care of household chores, but my life was actually made pretty easy because my parents were educated and they wanted me to concentrate on studies and their ‘survival instincts’ always kicked in, which made me believe that only through education can I become a successful person and that I needed to establish myself in this complex network of the judgemental society. Now that’s the problem. My parents’ picture about success is totally different from mine. Like all parents, my mom and dad want me to become financially settled in the nearest possible future because money provides the ‘Status’ to an individual.

Well yes, money is important in one’s life as it satisfies the basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing but then I asked myself ‘Is that what I truly want to achieve or is there more?’After all the pressure that I have gone through for the past two years being a science student, I realised that this was the significant period of my life where the ‘up’s and down’s’ were the experiences which moulded my thoughts and my future actions.
I analysed why my temper grew in certain situations and came to a conclusion after all the critical observation that I did upon myself. Well, it turns out to be the ‘education system’ of India that seems to be bothering me all this while. Some might place a comment such as, “Why do you even bother?” but is this whole process of ‘inculcating knowledge’ into the students’ mind and life a child’s play?

The root cause of any problem that you witness in this society is ‘Ignorance’. It might sound less evident to you but only when you look at the core of the problem, will you know the implications of it. Education is treated no more as a service but it’s an ‘underground- business’ where trucks of money are put into it as investment and donation but only recently did I come to know that it is just the flow of ‘black- money’. Teachers are so ignorant these days that they wouldn’t even care if you understood a concept or not but she/he makes sure that you know the textual matter anyway!

Pretty much every day I end up arguing with my parents about the ‘ridiculousness’ of this whole business because they don’t seem to care nor does anyone seem to care about it at all. Most of the individuals are ready to travel the road that is already being travelled and bit crowded. While this havoc is going on one side, I am still trying to find out what kind of career will actually suit me. When I list down my interests, views and my logic to pick out the right choice, one more obvious fact gets revealed- No gain without pain! Here ‘pain’ metaphorically means losing my family and their support, the logic-less conventions and more and more of critics!

Trying to revolutionize the education system is no ‘cake walk’ because you have conservatives going against your perspective but I said to myself that going along with the crowd is not always the right choice. You will have parents who fear that you might fail when you are waiting to go out there and rock the world but when you rethink about the consequences that might be ahead of it, that’s when your determination will boost you, up. You will feel responsible and you might even feel guilty because you weren’t able to make a change all this while. Your uncle and aunt maybe laughing at your failures mostly because they don’t understand the

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