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Advertising-A Weapon
In the UK, the telecommunications giant Orange creates cinema ads which are spoof scenes from well-known feature films, doctoring the scripts to include gratuitous references to cell phones. One popular instalment features the actor Jack Black recreating a scene from Gulliverrsquos Travels 2010, in which Gulliver is captured by the tiny Lilliputians and lashed to the ground with ropes. As the product placements for Orange become increasingly blatant, Black realises he has been tricked into acting in a cellphone ad, breaks character and begins a speech about how he wonrsquot be duped by Orange. lsquoDonrsquot let a mobile phone ruin your filmrsquo runs the slogan. Itrsquos annoying, but they know this. And they know that you know that they know. And ... well you get the gist. These ads want to be our friends mdash to empathise with us against the tyranny of the corporate world they inhabit. Just when we thought wersquod cottoned on to subliminal advertising, personalised sidebars on web pages, advertorials and infomercials, products started echoing our contempt for them. lsquoShut uprsquo we shout at the TV, and the TV gets behind the sofa and shouts along with us. Companies try to convince you that they are part of your family,rsquo says Tim Kasser, professor of psychology and an expert on consumer culture at Knox College in Illinois. lsquoThey want to create a sense of connection or even intimacy between the viewer and the advertiser. An ad that says ldquoYes, I know you know that Irsquom an ad, and I know that you know that Irsquom annoying yourdquo is a statement of empathy, and thus a statement of connection. And as any salesperson will tell you, connection is key to the sales.rsquo

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