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1 Comment | 44 Views | 18 Sep 16  | Neha Sharma
Life is not what we always dream off its always opposite to that ,,all we have dreams some are completed and some are not and some dreams not have hopes that they should be complete. Always be positive in our life , yes there should not be happiness that all on us how we will manage ourselves with all. always try to make postivity in Ur life..
have dreams and have dare to prove true do with all your inner capabilities do your best one day all dreams come true..
u know its easy in saying but practically its hard but not impossible.
I am a average student in my college and i have so many dreams slowly these are going to be true just the thing masters i work on them. no even friends helps you all are selfish be on our own foot don't try to wear another foot wears. Good luck
follow your own dream ,, listen your own voice.

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