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Which Touches Your Heart, Enters to Your Home Itrsquos a competitive world where one needs to be different, creative and innovative in every aspect than their competitors. A good advertisement enables a brand to create a niche in the hearts of the customer and similarly a lame an ineffective advertisement can fade up its image. One such innovative concept which lured me was Surf Excelrsquos Daag Achchey hai . Surf Excel is a laundry brand of HUL. Earlier the focus was on the functional attribute of whiteness, but it made quite many changes afterwards. Currently using emotional positioning, building the awareness towards children learning through experience. Children in developing age group love to play around roam about freely in their own world and dirt is an essential part of their world. I still remember in my childhood days my mother always use to tell me and my sister after coming from school again, both of you have made your clothes dirty , while we use to go to park in the evening, she use to say play properly and donrsquot make your clothes dirty etc. I am quite sure this was not a case only with me, but many of us might have heard this from our mothers. These are the small rights that every children has to live fully, playing in the park the way they want, painting without a fear of getting paint stain on clothes, all these small but crucial experience help a child to grow and surf excel targeted this and on the other hand it also depicted in its ads the ease with which stains were removed from the clothes hence allowing the mother not to worry. Surf Excel used it as a stepping stone and today it is known by its tag line. Thus proving the importance of an effective advertisement. Apart from all the competitors such as Ariel, Tide and other detergent, Surf excel easily depicted from its ad that it is so good at cleaning, one doesnrsquot have to get worry about getting dirty, and gives freedom to the kids to experience, truly engage with life, grow and develop at the same time. Many times a question arises that whether advertisement is useful or waste of resources, many of us would have different stake on this issue but this example of Surf Excel, the way it has used a very important concept child development in such a adorable manner is very interesting to look at. Every ad of Surf Excel is adorable in its own manner ldquoKyunki, Daag Achchey Hai rdquo

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