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The ways to take out potential from inside is a challenging job but with such complexity it takes time to keep it the most natural way.
Trying & training mind and body is the way of elevating ourselves. This needs a perfect balance of discipline & hardwork.
It develops inside us & by us sometimes known & sometimes in unknown way but the most natural way to learn and grow is to explore & being creative.
Talent is something that is outcome of our hardwork & efforts that we put everyday consciously but potential is the sleeping awareness once we get to know it "you can do almost anything" without feeling tired or even making disciples & schedules for it. It becomes very natural in us & working on that brings true happiness. So how to start... You have to listen yourself & not all the voices rumour around you from outside deciding your path & journey of happiness. It's on us. Wake early like the sun.. work on body & mind make yourself available to yourself & stop excusing "no time" be your best friend and then keep going up. That little by little organisation will bring courage to climb the standing mountains & glory.
So am I motivating you?? "yes"
Bring your potential out from the shell grow in silence and let your work shot behind you. Let's convert rumours into respect & laziness into valor. It's your time & it's very limited so be prepared & live like never before and began today!!
All the best

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