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What you should know about Google Doodles?
In the age of internet, wersquove witnessed considerable exasperation of the perceptiveness of local as well as global ethos. Aforesaid is best defined by the popular doodles by Google. Wersquove on countless occasions enjoyed and praised not only the comic nature but also the ingenious spirit of the various doodles witnessed in the past few years. Sometimes they make us counter the heroes of history and on other occasion celebrate an occasion of festive interest. However, consistent with the virtues of its founding fathers theyrsquove never failed to amuse us by their brilliance. In context of India, Doodles created by Google India has leapt towards the same pedestal where it has only Amul girl as a peer. Although surprising it maybe, the concept of Doodle was incepted even before the company was born in the year 1998 . Founders Larry and Sergey tweaked the corporate logo placing a stick like structure behind second lsquoorsquo to indicate to their colleagues of their presence in Burning Man festival where theyrsquove been solemnly invited. However, it took another two years in 2000 when founder asked Dennis Hwang, then an intern to design a Doodle for Bastille Day . It become so famous that the founders catapulted Hwang to the position of Chief Doodler and tasked him to produce more doodles to coincide with events such as festivals, national days and even at with a nniversaries of great pioneers of Science, Literature, Politics , etc at a later stage. Since then wersquove witnessed over 1000 Doodles celebrating important dates blend with fun and creativity. The concept of designing and finalizing the doodle is open and democratic. Googlers teamed for the innovation of Doodles often deliberate and brainstorm on the idea and design of an upcoming Doodle. Moreover, people like us who use Google as search engine are eligible to give our ideas and suggestion on the next Doodle, which can be incorporated as the next Google Doodle.

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