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When I Wake Up One day
Stretching its arms too far and wide, the beautiful sunlight smiled,
Hey! Wake up my little princess its time to open your pedantic eyes
See the lovely sky and the bees flying by,
Inhale the sanctified air, and spy on butterflies;
Slowly I, that beautiful little princess, opened my eyes, to my wonder, I was terrified!
Dark clouds all over the sky, and the children crying nearby;
What happened to this city! all smoky and dry
Who left these innocents and mothers crying to die?
Who engulfed those heroes and let their ashes fly?
Why this destruction, why these poisonous weapons and nuclear homicide?
Why these slow and brutal deaths? Why this chaos? why this shattering and genocide?
Suddenly something choked my throat and I lay unconscious over a body, which I want to identify;
I didn't close my eyes or otherwise I wouldn't be alive, I felt the burning flesh and the ambulance passing by,
The skyscrapers and deadly sounds, and my own cry, my dolls were brunt and so were my "Aie", then my brain burned my heart by telling me that it was my mother lying by........

#ChemicalWarfare #Athreat #StoryOfalittleGirl #JustDied #Syria #ChemicalWarfare #or#ForeignAttacks #AretheyJustified? AreNotTheyEquallyDangerous?

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