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Life @ hostel....
Every kiddo who lives at home he / she thinks life is too cool at hostel. No parents no rules or restrictions. But that is where your mistaken .

Actually the picture is totally opposite. When the party time is over and when you really need help ,most of the time you will find yourself alone. People take advantage of you if your of a helping nature. Then they will take as much help as they can seek from you. But when you need the same your alone.

It’s true when your parents scold you , you’re gonna feel bad . But when other than your parents someone scolds you in hostel uselessly you feel broken.

Moreover, the hostel food is too boring with same taste in all vegetables you will find amazing things in your food right from hair ,insects to stones.

It’s very important you have a good bonding with your roomies as the immediate person next to you will be your roomies .

One thing is that if you can survive in hostel you become truly independent . As all work right from washing clothes to cleaning utensils you gotta do yourself. You tackle all the problems yourself alone.

So, life in hostel is a challenging, thrilling and sometimes frustrating experience. Well, friends enjoy this pain with a smile on face!

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